Warm the Cockles this Winter

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Not many people realise that over 20 million homes in England use home heating oil! One and a half million of these are located in the UK, and the home heating oil industry creates at least 200,000 jobs. Home heating oil, sometimes called kerosene or domestic heating oil, is a Godsend for people in rural locations who are not connected to the national grid, so cannot access a gas supply.

Those who use this form of fuel get it delivered to their home regularly, and keep it in a storage tank usually outdoors. Heating oil has a reduced level of sulphur content meaning less particles released into the atmosphere. Prices of this fuel have been attractively low in recent years but obviously they will rise towards the winter. This is why August is the perfect time of year to stock up on your heating oil.

Installation of an oil boiler, can be even more effective at reducing CO2 emissions than a heat pump, and upgrading an old oil boiler will cost only half the price of home insulation. Not only will it cost less but it will provide the same energy savings and reduction in emissions. An efficient heating system can mean up to 30% savings on bills, as well as warm and dry surroundings during the winter.

Home heating oil is used extensively across Northern Ireland, as many homes are off the beaten track, and in rural locations. Companies such as Wise Oil, deliver direct to home owners tanks from major Belfast terminals, and offer swift online ordering. These websites are extremely handy, as you can quickly check prices for the exact amounts you require. You can also read about or order other products on offer such as diesel and additives to improve the quality of the oil and help it go further.

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