Greater Manchester Glass boasts on-line shop window.

Retailers know the trick. Big, bright shop windows let the customers know what is inside the shop. But how does the company that makes the shop windows promote their wares? For Greater Manchester Glass the answer was Autus Website Design & Marketing.

GM Glass are one of the north west’s most trusted and versatile supplier of all glass products to shops, restaurants, businesses, hospitals and schools as well as to the domestic market. They are also the proud owners of a brand new website:

An increasing number of successful companies have seen the light and have introduced glass curtain walling into offices, public spaces and retail areas. Curtain walling is modern, attractive, functional and energy efficient letting light in while keeping cold out. Greater Manchester Glass can offer glass panels in a range of 30 colours and can complete the ultra modern design by incorporating glass balconies and balustrades.

Greater Manchester Glass also boast a 24 hour emergency call out service to offices, shops and homes. If your security has been compromised due to a break in, vandalism or by accident, GM Glass will react promptly and efficiently, boarding up when necessary and reglazing immediately whenever possible.

Or if you are simply looking to freshen up you home Greater Manchester Glass have something for almost every room in the house. Splashbacks for the kitchen or bathroom in styles and colours to suit. Mirrors in every size, shape and design. Worktops, tabletops, coffee tables and doors. If you ask nicely Greater Manchester Glass could also find you some windows.

Fot more information visit Greater Manchester Glass at or give them a ring on 0161 637 1189


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